~think outside the box~

What does a Sharpie, happy tape, & contact paper all have in common?
They all make great alternatives to wallpaper!
Check out this great chevron wall made out of contact paper at
Wow! Ever heard of happy tape?
Check out this gorgeous entryway, made completely out of tape!

Have you ever thought of using a
Sharpie to "draw" on your wallpaper?

Don't have a steady hand?

Use a large stencil......

A gold Sharpie was used here, they come in a wide variety of colors.

Over at Gus & Lulu you
can see this gorgeous bathroom .
Looks like wallpaper right?
Nope, it's done with a Sharpie and an overhead projector!

Wallpaper is such a commitment.
If you don't like it after you get it up, or if it peels, or goes out of style, it's really hard to take down.
With Sharpie wallpaper, you can just paint right over it!

I just might have to try this myself somewhere!


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