~changes in my dining room~{and the silhouette giveaway winner announced!}

I am sure you know by now I can't keep a room the same way for any amount of time.
I love changing things up.
I do it when I score something on sale, when I see a photo in a magazine, when I see a good idea on a blog. In this case, it was a very cool stencil I got from here, and the sign I posted about yesterday. First up~the stencil.
Love it.
I didn't want it to stand out too much or be too busy so I chose just to do it on one wall and very tone on tone.
It took me one day, very tedious though because I was stubborn and chose not to take down the shelving to do it.
Going around the shelving was a big pain.
Lesson learned.

Since the wall had such a graphic pattern I wanted to keep the accessories on the shelves to a minimum.
I hung my sign.
Then I picked up these 2 crusty old looking lanterns at T.J. Maxx for $12.99, along with the candles, which were $9.99 each.
Too funny the candles were almost as much as the lanterns!

I found this LONG wooden "thing" at an antique store.
I love the detail on the edges.
It's almost as long as my table, but fits perfectly in the middle.
I like how the wood ties in with the wood on the sign I made too.
I filled it with ivory candles from Ikea, a few bottles from T. J. Maxx and a little fresh greenery in the topiaries.
The pots the topiaries are in are from T.J. Maxx as well and were a whopping $2.99 each.

A good friend of mine gave me this huge Pottery Barn urn.
The handle broke off so she didn't want it any more.
I am just going to turn it around and no one will even notice.
The dried hydrangeas came from one of my favorite stores near me.

Here is a close up of the T.J. Maxx bottles.
Not sure what I will put in them yet, if anything.

Ok, now for the fun stuff.
I picked a winner for the silhouette giveaway using random.org.
I still don't know how to copy the text from that website~sorry.
Anyway, the winner is...............
the writer of the blog
No Place Like Home!
Please email me your info.
Have a wonderful day everyone!


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