~a sign with special meaning~

When my sister in law tragically died several years ago, my husband and I were given this special trunk she had sitting on her front porch.
We took it home and placed it under one of our favorite trees outside, next to the walkway, so we could see it every time we came home.
Recently we had to take the tree out due to root rot and the possibility of it falling on our house~yikes!
Before the tree guys came out, I dug up the old trunk and brought it inside.
Over the years the weather had taken it's tole on it.
It was rotten and falling apart.
Then an idea came to me.
Not wanting to throw it away, I decided to turn it into a sign for our home with a saying that makes us think of her.
My friend suggested this saying and I think it is perfect. I love all the imperfections.
The best part about it to me is that the rusted keyhole on the top looks like a heart.
I never even noticed it until last night.

I'm hanging it today, and as the anniversary of her death approaches, it will be something that I know will make us all smile and think of her.



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