~yesterday~{a BBQ)

Today Cody started back to school.
Tomorrow Savannah will.
Yesterday we had a end of summer BBQ.
I took lots of pictures, it was a blast!
 Days before the party, my husband and I stained our deck.
Nothing like a party to get some projects done right?

 Bright dahlias from my parents garden in vintage honey jars.

I was really worried about our porky little puppy getting into the food, so we came up with the solution to elevate the food table with a wooden boat we own.
This worked out really well, as he could not reach any of it!
 I picked a bunch of blooms, as well as herbs from around the yard for a very informal
 "picnic" like bouquet. 
 We grilled burgers and dogs and we had a variety of yummy salads, fruits, chips and beans.
And, of course, a huge dessert table!
{which I did not get a picture of!}
 I elevated this area here with a vintage suitcase, everything else rested on the wooden boat seats.

 There was plenty of activities for the kids besides swimming and canoeing.
They did flips on the trampoline.....
 They even got their own table, way away from the adults!
 Behind the table, a little archery.......

 For the little kids, a bouncy house.......


and the new half pipe got a lot of use!
There was also a few games of croquet!

A tub full of extra suits~a must have when you live on the lake!
 At the end of the day we were all dog tired.


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