~behind the scenes & a winner~

I hear it's out.....
I have yet to see it though, have you?
The Better Homes and Gardens
Christmas Ideas magazine.
I think I went to every store in town last night searching for it~no luck.
So, in the meantime, how about a little behind the scenes look at the photo shoot?
 I was shocked at the amount of equipment they brought in.
But I guess it does take an army to make our living and dining room get photo ready for a magazine!
 They were here for 9 hours.
A stylist and her husband, and 2 photographers.
{more on those wonderful people to come, they were awesome to work with!}
 I kept the kids home from school so they could be in the photos :)
My husband wanted nothing to do with it.
He thought it was weird there were strangers in our house taking pictures so he stayed at work all day. He missed out on all the fun!
I have a few more places to try today to find the magazine.
When I do, I think I'm gonna buy every copy~
I'm such a dork.
And, the winner of the Bobby Boyd cuff is........


No email address was given so please email me at lakeliving4@yahoo.com with your mailing address!
Happy Friday friends!


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