~debating leather furniture?~

I have a friend who is debating selling her furniture and going with brown leather.
So, this post is for her........
A few inspiration pics of leather furniture to help you take the leap~if you want too!

I love this first photo.
 I think it's because the majority of the room is white, the leather really stands out.
And I know this post is not about light fixtures, but WOW! 
 The combination of dark paint here and the leather makes this room very masculine, even though there is a very feminine chandelier in the room.
 I love this room!
Love the chesterfield sofa and I love the choice of pillows used on it.
I also love it when leather is paired with rustic wood like in this coffee table.
{see the first photo for another example of this}
 This room below from the Painted Hive is one of my all time favorites!
The light walls keep it fresh looking and still very cottagey. 
{is cottagey a word?}
 Again, loving the dark sofa with the light walls........
 The map on the wall along with the trunk make this space more masculine.
 Very dark, yet super cozy.
 You know I love zebra, so I had to add this picture.
I love everything about this look.
 Add light bright pillows to keep the look from becoming too stuffy.
Again, the walls here are a light color~notice a trend?
 Darker walls and plaid make this space more masculine.
 My all time favorite couch is the chesterfield.
All that tufting is fabulous.
I think with kids though I'd worry about crumbs finding their way in.

 If you are not ready to take the plunge and do ALL leather furniture, you can add just one accent piece like I did. We have a slip covered beige sectional, but I still love the look of leather.
So I added this club chair I bought off of Craigslist for a steal.
You can see the full post of our living room makeover here.
 A few more examples of chairs only.....

 Craigslist is a great place to find leather furniture.
In my opinion, the more worn the better!

 Have you visited Copy Cat Chic?
{it's on my sidebar}
I love this blog.
She shows you expensive furniture, accessories, etc. and then shows you where you can find it cheaper.
Take this Restoration Hardware sofa for example.
It retails for $3,995.00
 And this one, almost exactly the same for only $799!
 Again, this Restoration Hardware chair retails for $2,745.00
 This one, just $319.00!
I hope this helps Kelly!
All photos not credited I found on Pinterest.
Have a great Saturday!


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