~our mini fridge~

When we made our kitchen island bigger, one thing we added was a mini fridge.
I LOVE it and am so glad we did it!
Here is why we love it:

1~ It's perfect in the summer when the kids come in from swimming, they can quick grab a drink.
2~It's great for parties as an extra place to store beverages.
3~It also frees up space in the main fridge.
4~It's the perfect size for juice boxes.

It might seem like a silly blog post, but I wanted to share, especially if you are remodeling/building, and are debating whether or not to add one. 

 The fridge itself is nothing fancy~it's from Home Depot.
 Next to it we added the cutest little bulldog can opener from Pottery Barn.
I don't think they sell it anymore, but here is a link I found for it.
Anyway, I highly recommend squeezing one in somewhere if you have the room!


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