~corralling kitchen clutter~

Do you find that your kitchen drawers easily can get full of lots of little things? 
Or that the things you seem to use every time you cook, are up too high on a shelf?
I found a great rectangular basket recently and decided to corral all the items I use every day in one easy to reach place.

 Remember when I made a cookbook?
Our families favorite recipes are right at hand.
 Wooden cheese knives from Pottery Barn are all together in a vintage bowl.
 Lots of spoons for tasting cookie dough!
 A good pure vanilla~a must have in my kitchen!
I placed a wooden bread board in the bottom of the basket so everything stays upright and doesn't tip over.
 Wooden spoons and more silverware are together in marble and ceramic canisters.
 Fresh fruits and veggies nearby.

There you have it! 
My friend Heather has a really cute little spot in her kitchen that is similar to this.
You can see it here.
P.S. I just added a few more items to my etsy shop!


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