~diy coffee filter cross~

I LOVE Sally Wheat's style and her home.
I have been stalking her for years.
As I was looking through some photos of her house for the gazillionth time, I spotted this cross and thought it was spectacular!
Hers is made out of leaves:
{photos via}
 I thought I'd try my hand at duplicating it, so I headed to the grocery store and bought some brown flat bottom paper coffee filters.
 I simply cut a cross shape out of cardboard and started gluing the filters on.
I think I used about 150 filters for this cross and it's about 21" tall by 13" wide.
 The paper is thin, so if you do this project use a low temp glue gun!
I just sort of scrunched the filters, one by one, and then cut the bottoms off a bit so they wouldn't stick out so far, then glued away.
 I used hot glue and twine to create a hanger on the back.
 The whole project took around an hour and cost only $2.19, 
with coffee filters left over for other projects! 

When you are finished gluing, if you want a more uniform look, you can simply give it a haircut so all the filters are even. I did this in a few spots, but left it pretty much alone. 
I like how it looks ruffly!
I'll be back tomorrow to announce the winner of the Farm Chicks giveaway!


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