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Happy Mothers day to all you moms out there! 
I wanted to share with you a fabulous drink that I had at
This recipe and the photos come straight from her fabulous blog,

 Seriously, this drink was HEAVEN! 

Monicas Lavender Martini Drops

1.5 oz vanilla vodka
  (I make my own with one vanilla bean…scrape the seeds.
Add seeds and pod to
3 oz. good vodka. (That way you’ll have leftovers…)
Let sit for 15 minutes
and strain…a few seeds will remain…go with it.

 A nice splash of fresh lemon juice
1 scant ounce lavender syrup
I make my own. One part superfine sugar to two
parts water…
simmer on stove top until sugar
dissolves. Remove from heat and add one
teaspoon or so of organic lavender .
Let it hang out for a while, then strain.
Add it all to a shaker, filled with ice.
Shake & serve.
Chill the glasses ahead of time if you like.
 Don’t forget to use Meyer lemon zest for garnish
and Meyer lemon juice and lavender sugar to coat the rim



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