~summer at the lake~

Just a few short weeks and school will start back up again.
I really don't want it to.
I am enjoying our lazy days at the lake.
Savannah's friends come over often to go swimming.....
 And to be silly girls...
love these kids!
 Our nephew got some new shades.
Savannah and her cousin spend most days together.
Our "old man" Hunter just likes to lay around and take everything in.
He turns 13 soon and doesn't get around like he used to.
 Harley turned 1 in July.
He continues to take over every piece of nice upholstered furniture in the house,
 and explore the neighborhood and get into trouble.
 Did I mention he gets on the furniture? :)
 Cody took up paddle boarding, and is now hooked.
 But he still likes to take the canoe out.
 Suprisingly, the kids' favorite thing to do this summer is a game of croquet.
Honestly, I think they play a minimum of 4 games a day! 
{Cody calls it "crochet" and I don't have the heart to tell him that crochet involves yarn}
 And of course, hanging out with the cousins daily. Did I mention my in laws {who live down the street} have 17 grandkids? So, it goes without saying, there is always someone around to play with!
I will be sad to see summer end.


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