~garage sale treasures~

My kids used to hate to go to garage sales with me.
In fact, it really put a kink in my Friday morning routine.
But now they love it as much as I do, so without fail, every Friday morning we are out following signs and bringing home goodies.
And by goodies, I also mean goodies....
as in lemonade, cookies, and brownies that little kids are selling.
Who can say no to a 25 cent cookie for breakfast? 
Breakfast of champions I tell ya.

Anyway, the kids like it when we pull up to a house and there is lots of sports equipment or toys.
But I get all excited when I see JUNK!
Yesterday was a fantastic garage sale day, so I thought I'd share some things I got with you.

A brand new pair of boots~perfect fit.
Super excited to wear these!

 A little clock to add to my growing collection.
 I got these 2 clock faces. They are pretty big and are metal or tin.

 Love the patina.

 Hum, don't know what you call this, but I liked it!

 The patina on this letter "E" is fabulous!
 These probably came off of a piece of furniture.
I thought they would make cute little corbels.

 The man running this particular sale used to restore frames for museums, 
so he had a ton of chipped up frames and mirrors.
I brought this one home, originally thinking I'd paint it white and put it in my daughters room, but I think I may just use a little rub n buff to take the sheen off and hang it in the living room.
This frame is from the 1800's.
 At the same sale I got this great hand painted canvas~I love the colors in it, very subtle.

 And another. The colors in this are great in this one too.
It's always so hard to decide what to keep and what to sell.
I guess you will all find out in a few days when I update my etsy shop!


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