~a garage sale table~

Recently I found a great side table at a garage sale.
It was $5.
The base was gorgeous, but the top was not.
Think rotting wood and a hideous mosaic top.
Luckily since the top was rotting and moldy, it peeled right off, and made it's way straight into the garbage.
 Fast forward a week and I'm at yet another garage sale.
I had the table base on my mind, so I was on the lookout for a top.
I asked the owner at the garage sale if she had any round table tops.
She said she didn't but she might have some round granite pieces in her backyard.
So, away we went, and next thing you know I am pulling up her granite pathway.
A little scrubbing and another $5 later, the two were married.
A match made in Heaven.
 It's the perfect little spot to set a drink.
 Or some beautiful lilies.
 I am in love with my "new" little $10 table.
 I scored right?


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