~a rustic table & a new lantern~

Decorating OCD, that's what I have diagnosed myself with. 
Guess it could be worse.......
Remember here when I made a chandelier out of a basket?
Well, I liked it but it bothered me because it was just decorative.
 We don't have any electrical up in the ceiling for a chandelier, and I wasn't about to ask my husband to do yet another project.
And, I like things to be functional.
I have always liked the look of lanterns so when I spotted this huge lantern
 at TJ Maxx for $49, I knew it was meant to be.
Ah, and the candlelight is so great. I can't wait to light candles this winter for
 cozy dinners with the family.
The same day I got the lantern, I went over to World Market to see what was new.
I love that store.
I picked up this cup holder.
 I bought it thinking it would be great in my master bath to hold jewelry.
But when I plopped it on the dining table when I got home, I knew it had to stay.
I filled it with mason jars which we use for drinking glasses.
Best part, it was $14.99! 
Yes, it's not the real deal, but I have the real deal in my kitchen!
 The size is just right too.
These new things prompted me to set the table for dinner using rustic neutral elements.
I picked some blooms from the yard and put them in a mason jar,
 really simple and I like the bit of green.
 I love how this room makes you feel like you are up in a tree house amongst the green trees outside.
I also really like that you can see straight through the lantern, 
not missing any view of the lake outside the windows!
 Here is the view looking into the kitchen.
 And looking into the living room.
 The chargers are from Target.
Bowls are vintage ironstone and the plates are dollar store.

 I love the look of the crumpled linen napkins.
It gives the table a casual feel, and speaks true to who we are.
We are not formal people folks!

So, which do you prefer?
The new lantern or the old basket?
Please say the new lantern!!!


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