~the rest of this house~

Does this picture look familiar?
It's a picture of a gorgeous kitchen, one I have seen all
 over the web, and one that I have loved for a while now.
So, I did a little digging because I have always wanted to see the rest of this house.
 And I found it!
Maybe you have seen it, maybe you haven't, but you are in for a treat!
Doesn't the entry look so welcoming?
 I kinda have a color crush on orange right now, so this room is really speaking to me.
 And that coffee table, the blinds, the sofa fabric, the nail head trim on the chair........
 I love, love, love the little bits of color in this home.
 So easy to change out seasonally, or if you just get bored like me.
 The old school bulbs add a nice touch.
 Love the contrast and simple styling.
 Here's the other side of the kitchen. 
I am in love with that range hood!
And, I have always wanted a glass front refrigerator!
 Perfection if you ask me.
 That chair is wonderful and I love how the stylist added the yellow post it notes for color.

Yep, pretty great right? 
I found the images here.


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