~our master closet~

I did a little reorganizing yesterday in our master bedroom closet.
Yes, it is a walk in, but it is fairly small, so every bit of space counts.
The first thing I did was replace a dresser with a chippy grey farm table.
{I moved the dresser to the bedroom, more on that to come}

 On top of the table is a silver bowl I recently found at a antique store.
It is filled with odds and ends, and a very cute book a dear friend just gave me.
 Under the table is a large basket that I have filled with grain sack pillows, and tons of lavender pillows from Dreamy Whites Online. They make the whole closet smell so good!
 A barrel chair sits in the corner which makes a great spot to put on socks and shoes.
Those hats are for you Sherry!
 On one end I have a coat rack that holds belts and bags.
 Over the coat rack is a favorite picture of my son.
I made both the coat rack and picture frame.
I also moved a vintage alabaster lamp in here. 
I just love lamp light, even in a closet!
The black shelves sitting on top of the farm table hold a multitude of items~
my vintage clock collection, old Cottage Living magazines, and socks that don't have a mate.
I know it's just a closet, but it makes me happy that it is all organized :)
I hope you are having a great day!
I will be back tomorrow to announce the winner of the velvet pumpkin giveaway.
Scroll down if you haven't entered yet, it's your last day.


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