~chalkboard wall lettering~ { a DIY }

Chalkboard lettering is becoming all the rage.
If you want to make a graphic statement in your home and have a chalkboard wall begging for decoration, I am going to show you how to achieve this look:
 Start with a saying you like.
 You can google different sayings or quotes, or create 
your own in photo shop or in a word document.
{This one I used can be found here.}
 Print it out and take it to your local copy center.
Using their over sized copier, print it out to whatever size you need.
Mine ended up being around 27" x 42"
 When you get it home, flip it over and rub white chalk all over the reverse side of the lettering.
{I did not get a picture of this}
Tape the pattern on your chalk wall making sure it is level.
 Using a ballpoint pen,
{I like using red because I can see where I have already gone, ensuring I don't miss any letters}
simply trace around each letter.
Press hard and the chalk you rubbed on the back will transfer onto the wall.
I found using a ruler makes accurate straight lines and makes the job go a little quicker.
Once you have traced everything, 
remove the pattern and your wall should look similar to this:
 Then simply fill in your lettering with your chalk.
I went back and smudged the lettering with my finger to give it the look I was after.
Have a couple q~tips on hand.
 They make smudging the teeny tiny letters easier, and if you wet them, they work great for cleaning up smeared edges.
The whole project from start to finish took me about 2 hours~not too bad.
Have fun creating your chalk wall!
{this lettering was created by Simon Walker}


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