~where there's a will, there's a way~

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We bought our first home, the one we live in now, in 1998.
It was definitely a diamond in the rough!
These photos are for those of you that think
trash can't be turned into treasure!
It's been a long road, and Lord knows, we still aren't done,
but it's been a fun journey and very rewarding.
The exterior of our home had cheap siding and
had inexpensive windows all fogged over.
The backyard was moss, not grass, and the roof leaked.
The master bath was the size of a coat closet
and as you can see was just a room full of mold.
The shower and the toilet didn't function,
so it was more of just a place to store our things until we added onto it.

The living room had this outdated stone on the fireplace. The only thing that stayed the same for quite some time was the cedar paneling, and if you read my blog regularly, you know I just painted over it last month.
{second photo courtesy of Kim at Mimi Charmante}

The kitchen was the worst I think.

You could stick your hand through the ceiling.
The cabinets were all mix matched and the appliances were super old.
We literally gutted the whole kitchen adding a
skylight and bigger windows, new cabinetry, floors, and island.

The master bedroom had the same cedar paneling as the living room.
We bumped the room out making it larger and adding a walk in closet.
We walled off where you see the beautiful sliding doors,
and the deck outside of that became Savannah's new room.

We did all the work ourselves, minus the drywall and plumbing.

We don't have any background in this,
{although my husband is pretty handy}
so there is hope out there for all of you do it your selfers!
I hope I didn't scare too many of you off by the before shots!


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