~have a seat, in the window~

I don't have a window seat in my home.
Do you?
I have long admired Jeanne's, and Layla's window seat areas.
~I thought these were pretty cozy looking too~
Although I don't know if I would want to be
looking at my "to do list" as I try and relax!
Love all the white in this photo, I
adore those chairs too!

Perfect place for a nap while the kids play

{please say I am not the only one who does that}

Look at all that yummy fabric!!

Check out all the light streaming in!

More beautiful draperies

Love this shot.
I have
always been a sucker for these round windows
and I love the use of the rustic barn wood here.
It's such a small space but has a huge impact.
I am thinking you could easily turn any old coat closet into one of these little nooks....

I am not a huge fan of purple,
I will admit.
But something about this photo is very inviting.

This is my favorite though, so comfy!
Makes me want to take a nap.



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