~this home takes the cake~

I stumbled upon this home on
rate my space this morning and my
jaw dropped to the floor,
Where have I been?
It's been on there for a while now and I have never seen it,
have you?
Every inch of it oozes with romantic charm
and character and I wish the owner would just
gift wrap her whole house up and ship it to me!
I mean, look at this mirror!!!
One thing I noticed, among many other things,
was that her palette in her home is very neutral, like mine, like I like.
{that was a lot of likes!}
But lately I am wanting to add color.
Not bright reds and oranges, but subtle color.
Her photos are just what I needed to see!
Like this lamp.
If I saw it in a store, I would never buy it.
But you know what?
It works.
And it works well!


double gulp

How many of these fantastic mirrors
can one person have?
Lucky duck!

another one of the lovely vignette.

Oh, and how about a perfect vintage tray with the perfect
accessories on the perfect caned bench?

I seriously just browsed on etsy for vintage oil portraits.
Not kidding.
See that pillow on the chair.
Would have never thought to put that there.

Drop everything.
She had this headboard made.
And it's her guest room!

Seriously, who has a house like this
and why hasn't it been in a magazine?

and her "whimsical" family room.

I'll take 2, one for the bathroom, and one for my closet please.

Even her sitting porch has a fabulous mirror and just the
right amount of color!

I think she is trying to tell me something in this photo.
Like, come on in, the door's always open!

And the master boudoir!
Heavenly, wouldn't you say?

Her name on rate my space is lulud.
Lulud, if you happen to be reading this,
please come re-do my house!


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