-since my computer has been in the shop....-

What a drag, I miss y'all! My computer has been in the shop for what feels like an eternity. Today they called to tell me they can fix it but I'm going to lose all my documents and photos!!!!! Luckily I've got an I pad so I can still look at other blogs, pinterest, etc. but I can't do any fun posts with pictures. Through all of this it has been nice to "unplug" so to speak and enjoy the little things! Here's some of the things I've been enjoying, working on, and sprucing up over the last couple weeks: 1- I'm loving that my kids are still finding plastic Easter eggs in the yard filled with money. 2- I started a garden. I have mint, basil, tomatoes, gourds, and pumpkins. 3- I planted a row of 13 white hydrangeas and 17 lavender plants. 4- we have gone to the zoo about 500 times. 5- my husband and I built our son a half pipe in the backyard. 6- I got a new chandelier for our master bedroom. 7- bbq's happen almost every night. 8- we went to a game farm where animals eat out of your hands from your car. 9- I learned bison have really bad breath. 10- I also learned if my kids stay up till 1:30 am, they will sleep in till noon. 11- I made some " you are my sunshine" pillow covers that I will stock in my etsy shop as soon as my computer comes back. 12- I got the flu for a couple days ( and I'm sure it had nothing to do with the birthday I went to at my neighbors house in which I stayed up too late ) but I was happy in the end because I lost 3 pounds. 13- we signed our 9 year old up for football. He will be playing and practicing at the high school where his dad and I met! Ahhhh! 14- I have happily let the house get messy and not stress about it. 15- and last but not least, we have been enjoying life here on the lake, doing a lot more canoeing, taking the row boat and kayak out, and the kids have literally swam everyday. They are in the water now..... Yup, I'm kinda enjoying this. Be back soon, xoxo P.s. sorry for any typos, doing a blog post on an I pad is a lot different than on a real computer


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