~photo wall & a diy family definition wall~

I've been messing around with some of my chunky frames, hanging them in different spots in my home. 
I always think they make a great impact when placed together, like done here.

So, I gathered some up, and went to town putting holes in my walls!
I chose the wall leading downstairs.
It has always been blank, and I've wanted to dress it up for quite some time.

 There was no rhyme or reason to where I hung them.
I simply held them up, thought, OK, and screwed a screw in!
 At the bottom of these stairs is the "family" wall I hand painted.
I did this years ago and posted about it way back when on hgtv.
You can see it here.
 I am not the best at tutorials but the method I used is similar to this.
 Instead of graphite paper though, I just scribbled pencil all over the back, works the same, is less expensive, and a lot less messy.
 If you'd like to do this in your home, just copy and paste the following into a word document.
Then take to your local copy center {I like Kinko's}
and enlarge to the desired size using their over sized copier. 
This shouldn't cost more than around $8 max.
Using the method above, transfer the image onto your wall, then fill in with the paint of your choice.

f a m 'i. l y     noun.       pl. 
f     a    m    'i.    l    i     e   s 
A    fundamental      social    group    in
society   typically   consisting   of   one
or  two   parents and their  children.
two   or    more   people  who    share
goals   and   values,  have   long  term
commitments  to  one  another,  and 
reside  usually  in  the  same  dwelling
place.     All     the     members     of    a 
household    under     one     roof.    A
group   of   persons   sharing   common
ancestry.        Lineage,      especially
distinguished   lineage.   A   group   of 
things.       a      class.      A     group    of
individuals  derived   from   a common 
Someday soon I'd like to rip up the carpet and do something similar to this:
{via pinterest}
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