~give your old baskets new life~

Do you ever have light colored baskets that you wish were a dark rich brown?
Don't throw them out, I have an easy solution for you.

I bought this lamp recently at an antique store on the way to one of our camping trips.
I loved it but didn't really like the light color of the basket.

 Here's what I did to give it an instant update.

First I taped off the jug because I didn't want it to get any paint on it.
 Second, you will need this spray.
{here's a coupon for you to print}

You can find it at your local craft shop in the floral section.
It comes in a variety of colors, I like the glossy wood tone.
 Take your project outdoors and spray light coats.
Spray over and over again until you get the color you desire.
You can see in this picture below, the right is sprayed and the left is not.
I just wanted to show you the color difference.
 This stuff dries fast.
Remove all the tape and bring indoors.
 Voila, easy peasy lamp makeover.
Here's a side by side comparison.



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