~laundry room organization~

 What sits behind this door in our kitchen in our itty bitty laundry room.
If you read yesterdays post, you will know I am on an organizing kick.
I decided to utilize the back of the door.
Originally I was going to do a gift wrap station here, but I needed the storage more, and I'm glad I went this route.
 I went to Home Depot and got a door rack for around $37.
Best $37 I have spent in a long time!
 Before I hung it up I painted the door with chalkboard paint. 
Now I don't have to hear the kids say,
 "I can't clean the tub because I don't know where the cleaner is!"
Did you know I am a sucker for pretty packaging? :)

 Inside the door is a wall of lockers I got at a garage sale for $25!!!
Score of the century! 
I used my label maker of course, and went to town on each of the 24 doors.
There's even a stool in there so the kids can reach everything.
I do keep my boots in here because they are usually covered in mud.
{I hosed them off just for you!}
 To the left is the stack able washer and dryer and to the right is important stuff like, kitchen fire extinguishers. Never had to use them yet, but ya never know!
Spare keys hang on a key rack and are all labeled, and batteries are hung and are easy to find. 
The other stuff is just the electrical panel and generator switch.
 Can you believe these were $25???
It took 6 neighbors to haul them in my house.
Love those guys!
 And that my friends our my teeny tiny laundry room!
I will pick 3 random people who comment on this post to win a Febreze laundry kit.

The kit is filled with must-have laundry taming tools like a coupon for free Febreze Laundry Odor Eliminator, an official guide filled with tips and advice for the freshest laundry, a Febreze towel and a Tide Odor-Absorbing Travel Laundry Bag!
I'll announce the winner on Friday along with the Annie Sloan Paint winner!


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