~bathroom storage idea~{put a skirt on it}

 When you live in a small house with lots of "stuff" 
organization is key.
With 2 girls in the house we seem to have a lot of bathroom stuff, hair products, hair accessories,
 well, you get the point.
 So, I came up with this idea to hide extra storage behind a curtain.
I had a French sheet that I got a while ago from Dreamy Whites. 
It was hard to cut into it, but it was the perfect color and weight.
I only had to hem one side of it and I left the top with a raw edge since it wasn't going to show. 
I attached it to the cabinet with sticky back Velcro,
and doubled the length to create a little ruffled look.
I did sew the other strip to the fabric.
 Not that you need to see all my junk, but I am so excited that everything has a place now! 
 I got out my label maker and went to town.
It feels SO good to have everything organized,
 that I am now moving on to the laundry room!
 By the way, this all started from watching one episode of
 Have you seen it?
Holy cow those people are inspiring!
 And how about a little side by side before and after?



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