~reduce, reuse, and recycle this Christmas~

 I have been doing some Christmas crafting these past few days for the store.
One thing I made is these Christmas trees made out of scrap wood I had leftover from other projects.
I love the chippy wood, and I love the way they turned out.
 I will be keeping a couple of these for myself for sure!

 I also made some more wreaths from recycled materials as well.
I used old scholastic books from the 1930's
{these have a great brown tint to them}
and embellished the centers with flowers I made from music sheets. 
The center of each flower has a vintage piece of jewelry, mostly rhinestones.

 And finally, I framed a old map I had and added the letters to spell out
"Joy to the world"
It's in a pretty silver beaded large frame.
If you'd like to see a project I did last year with recycled materials, click here.
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