~farm chicks purchases and our new dining room chairs~

I didn't bring my camera into the Farm Chicks show this year because
 I wanted to concentrate on shopping! 
But I did take some pictures of my purchases yesterday to share with you all.

I will say that I did most of my spending at Uber Chic.
I was so excited to see them there.
My friend Maria has told me about them and said I would love their products, so when the doors opened, I headed straight for their space, which did not disappoint!

 My friend Heather took the photo below.
I purchased one of these but when I brought it home realized it was way to big for 
the spot I needed it in.
 So, I got a little creative and removed the jug, inverted the basket, and turned it into a chandelier!

 I also picked up a few more of these jugs from Uber chic.
I have a little collection going now.
I got the M heart from Sweet Bee in Snohomish.
 I have started a new breadboard collection as well. My good friend Heather surprised me with one from Farm Chicks, and I got a couple there as well.
 This is the one I got from the boys at Uber Chic, love it!
 Uber Chic also had a ton of grain sacks, so I picked up a couple.
This one I am using as a runner on my table.

 I got the subway art I made hung in it's permanent location.
 And here is a closeup of the new Restoration Hardware chairs.
I swiped the chair pads off our kitchen bar stools for the photos, but I am going to have my upholsterer make me some more. 
I also need to get 2 more chairs.
These chairs are smaller than our previous ones, so I can fit more around the table.
I also swapped out our previous rug for a seagrass one from Ikea.

 I think I will have her make cushions that coordinate with the 
grain sack chairs she did for me about a year ago.
{Her name is Angie and her business is A and D Upholstery, she is out of Everett Washington}
 I picked what peonies I had left in the garden....
they are my favorite flower.

 Going for a little more relaxed casual look, I took down the sconces and put up my kids silhouettes on one side, and my furry children's on the other side.

I did a little tweaking on the shelving, mainly just making things a little more sparse.
 I will be adding lots of these books to my etsy shop soon.
 I found these Anthropologie letters at a garage sale over the weekend.
They both had price tags on the back for $28 each.
I paid a whopping $2 for both!
 The coral adds a little beachy summer vibe.
 I also found these glass grapes at a garage sale, placed them in a chippy cast iron urn, and placed a glass dome over them.
 I've often thought about putting curtains here, but, this is the side of the house that faces the lake 
{you can see it real close if you squint} 
I just hate blocking that view, but it does feel a little unfinished to me.
Any suggestions?
{Joni, that question is for you!}
 Looking from the living room into the dining room.
 I already can't wait till next years Farm Chicks!


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