~diy banner just in time for the 4th of July~{and a $50 amazon gift card giveaway}

I made this banner/bunting yesterday and thought I'd show you a quick step by step tutorial in case you would like to make one for yourself!
{bear with me, I am NOT good at tutorials!}

 Start with this jute webbing.
I bought mine at Joanne Fabrics.
I have seen it at Walmart as well. 
I used approx. 6' for each banner, you can use more or less depending 
on the length you want to end up with.

Cut the jute webbing into 10" strips and fold in half.
Using sharp scissors, cut a notch out of the material to form this shape.
Make sure both ends match perfectly.
You can do this by cutting one side, then folding it over and using the cut side as a guide.
 Once you have all your strips cut, take one and fold in half over a piece of garden twine.
Leave a "tail" with the twine at the beginning and the end so you can hang the banner up easily later. 
{ I left 23" at each end}
 This is the twine, I got mine at Home Depot, but you can get it at craft stores as well, 
you just might pay a little more.
 Start off by sewing the folded side of the material.
By doing so you are attaching the twine to the webbing.
Then stitch around the whole piece, and trim off excess threads.
You may need to pin it together to hold in place while you are sewing.

I used red thread and cream bobbin, so that when it is done you can choose to hang it with the red stitching showing, or flip it over for a more neutral look.
 I used 7 pieces of the jute webbing for each banner.
Each banner measures around 9' long, end to end.
 And there you have it!
Perfect for the 4th of July
 If you'd like to see our home decorated for the 4th of July, 
{back in 2010}
 you can go here!
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