~something I must address~

Today just started out for me. 
Like any other day, my internal alarm wakes me up at 5:50 and I start my routine of getting the kids ready for school, packing lunches, feeding the dogs and most importantly, checking in on my favorite blogs
 and catching up on emails! 

I would like to address an email I got this morning.
Here it is:

It's 4 in the morning and I am finally addressing something that has been bothering me for quit a while now. Why do you feel it is necessary to play music on your blog?
I've been following you for several years and am annoyed  every time I check in. I think I just woke up everyone in the house (4AM).
I own a store and if I check in there everyone on the floor is startled. Yes I can turn it off....then I have to remember to turn my sounds back on...annoying!
I like seeing and reading your blog but feel attacked by your music!
Just saying...:-)

My first thought to be honest with you was, "wow! Someone reads my blog at 4 am? I am so flattered!"
Then It sunk in that that was not the purpose of her email.
Over the last 3 years since I started this blog for every negative comment I get about music, I get 100 positive ones. I thought I would take a second to tell you why I chose to put music on my blog.

#1 music makes me happy. 

#2 I like to have it on in the background while I am cleaning my house or puttering around, it's like a radio station of my favorite songs.

#3 I feel like if you prefer not to hear music, you can hit the mute button on your computer.

There are several more, but I will stop at that.
Now, it's time for your vote.
I write this blog for YOU readers, so it's up to you.
Please comment on this post if you think I should keep music or give it up.
No nasty comments are necessary
 {although I know 99.9% of you readers rock and wouldn't do that anyway!}
I will tally all the votes tonight and make my decision based on what you all have to say.
Majority wins!
You won't hurt my feelings, pls. be honest.
I really do thank all of you for reading my blog, it is important to me for you all to have a good experience over here!


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