~a wedding at crystal lake lodge~

One of the great perks about living in this great community is the fact that we have a wonderful lodge to use not only for community events, but also for our own parties, etc.
I myself got married in the lodge 15 years ago.
My sister also got married there about 10 years ago.
I have had the privilege of sponsoring many other weddings since then.
I just came across these photos of a wedding I sponsored last summer to a sweet, young, and very in love couple!
I thought you might want a sneak peak into what a wedding at our lodge looks like! I love this photo!
 It's very rustic, all wood construction with a massive river rock fireplace.
 The deck was actually added onto by Bill Gates several years ago for a party he had out here.
I am off to show the lodge to another couple right now.....
all photos courtesy of Carly Bishop.
{you can read more about the lodge here}


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