~a dresser makeover, mustard seed style~

Ever heard of miss mustard seed?
She has a fabulous blog, is a total do it yourselfer, and has been featured in many magazines.
She's pretty much my idol.
Anyhoo, she painted the most gorgeous union jack dresser.
 I knew when I saw it I had to copy try my hand at it.
Marian graciously accepted my request,
so I set out on a mission to find the perfect ugly dresser.
 My only qualifications were that is was solid wood, the drawers worked
smoothly and it wasn't over $100.00.
I found the perfect specimen at a local thrift store, bare bones,
and ready to go.
The drawers were smooth, the wood was solid,
and it was pretty plain and ugly.
I sanded it down, primed it, and painted it with a base of horizon grey recommended by Maria.
I then added the flag details with antique white I had matched to a pottery barn piece, and slate grey from restoration hardware.
I sanded it down, quite a bit, and finished it off with antique brass bin pulls.
And here she sits at ruffles and rust square waiting to go home to a new home. I think it would look darling in a child's room, but also it would look very chic in a master bedroom or family room as a side table, and it would hold a ton of storage!
happy friday friends!


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