I heart burlap

Ok, I am loving burlap. It's cheap, gorgeous, and has so many uses! Here are a few tips for you when using burlap.

Burlap, once the fabric of feed bags, offers durability, sure. But fashion? You bet.
Burlap is back -- better than ever -- in an array of colors and patterns at rock-bottom prices. Look for it in widths from 36 to 50 inches and priced from $1.80 to $10 per yard.
At that price, it's a natural for big decorating projects as well as small ones.
See several creative project ideas below.
Use burlap as a temporary cover for damaged walls. Just staple it into place. This is also a good way to hide apartment walls you dislike.
Create simple rod-pocket drapery panels for big windows.
Fashion a quick cover for a rectangular table. Though the fabric can be sewn into a tablecloth, if you have a temporary table made from plywood, staple or tack onto the fabric to the sides or underneath the top.
Use burlap as a seasonal sunscreen stretched above a patio or deck.
Use burlap instead of decorative fabric to create formal-style pinch pleated draperies. Band the edges with grosgrain ribbon.
Stretch and staple burlap over worn bulletin boards. Hot glue braid or ribbon over the edges (to hide the staples).
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