I thought about many titles for this post, but 
You Only Live Once seemed best fitting.
I borrowed my daughters t-shirt that says just that on the front! 
{click on pictures to enlarge}
Yes, our neighbors probably are going to check us in somewhere, but hey,
you only live once, right?
We have this giant tree that sits on our property. It's visible from many rooms in our home, and from many houses out here. I thought it would be fun to really do this one up with lights this year.
So yesterday up went 450 feet of white lights! 

 We were able to get up about 50 feet, and now I am hooked, I want to do more! 
I might be making an emergency run to Home Depot this morning to get more lights.
Just in case you wanted to know, we used Martha Stewart Led lights in "warm glow" they don't look led at all, as I am not a huge led fan. They truly look like good old fashioned white lights and they will save on our power bill, as well as last a lot longer hopefully! I highly recommend them!
Happy Sunday!


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